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Burleson, Texas

Flooring Installation

With all the flooring installed by our experts each year, you can count on the best flooring installation possible.

When having your commercial or residential flooring installed by Burleson Floor Store’s Professional Flooring Installers, here are some key points to look for:


At the time of sale we will estimate the approximate size and cost of your installation. The total cost may vary due to adjustments in yardage and/or additional labor charges.

Price Approval

Before we order any products to install your floor, we must have your verbal approval on the exact sizes and costs associated with your job. If you’ve not been contacted within three working days after your estimate, please call our Commercial Flooring Department at 817-887-9555. If price approval is delayed, your order will not be placed and your installation might not proceed as scheduled. Scheduled installation dates are based on carpet, vinyl, tile, SPC, laminate, hardwood, waterproof, etc. availability and subject to change.

Specialty Labor

Take-up, removal, stairs, metal trim, subfloor prep or furniture moving may require extra labor service charges. Please understand that installers will only perform work shown on the work order. Any extra work required during installation that has not been discussed with your sales associate and written on the work order, will require additional charges.

Furniture Removal

If Burleson Floor Store will be moving your furniture, please remove all breakable items first. Disconnect any wiring such as computers and fax machines. BFS installers are not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting these items. BFS Installers WILL NOT dismantle or move any items requiring calibration or any item that a two-man crew is incapable of moving.

Preparing For Your Installer

Please be sure the power is on for the installer’s electrical tools, and the area’s temperature is at least 70 degrees, 24 hours prior to installation.

Carpet Inspection

When inspecting your new carpet, it could appear slightly different in texture or color due to normal dye lot differences from the display sample in the store. The lighting in our showroom is different than your home. That's why we bring the store to you. In your home or business our sales team can give you a true example of each color where it will be installed. Newly installed carpet, when exposed to normal vacuuming, will blossom and take on a closer appearance to our showroom samples.


Burleson Floor Store does not cut doors for carpet clearance. The installers will remove doors to install carpet and replace them, but will not replace doors if they require trimming.

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